The Omicron Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega shares a close bond with alumnae. The women who have graduated have always been active in our chapter by helping us to reach our many goals. 

To show our appreciation for the support we receive from our Aaumnae, the women of the Omicron throw a gathering called Apple Pie with Alumnae. During this event, active members get the chance to bond with our Alumnae, hear stories of when they were active members, and share memories. Everyone is served apple pie, and many of the women stick around to keep telling stories of when they were Alpha Chi Omegas at Baker.

A big way that alumnae help Omicron is by being a part of the House Corporation Board,or the Chapter Advisory Board. The House Corporation Board owns the chapter house and works together as a board to make continual updates to the chapter house to make it a safe, and welcoming enviornmetn for all members. If you are intersted in joining House Corporation, please e-mail House Corporation President, Janice Simpson.

The Chapter Advisory Board is led by two co-chapter advisors. This group of women works closely with chapter officers on day-to-day opersations of the chapter. If you are interested in joining the Chapter Advisory Board, please e-mail co-chapter advisors, Leigh Vosselor or Lindsay Vise.